Employment agency K-Tempoline B.V. has been active in the temporary employment market since 2012 and works with an enthusiastic pool of Polish temporary workers for various sectors such as; Construction, Glass and Horticulture, Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, Recycling, Food and Production & Assembly.

We recruit and select the best people for your company and we invest in our temporary employees by preparing and guiding them well before and during work at your company. You can therefore count on motivated and satisfied temporary workers on the work floor and that increases the working atmosphere and your productivity.

We use multilingual assignment coordinators so that you have one personal contact person and with whom you can discuss your needs so that the temporary employees we deliver meet your organizational requirements.

It is also important that Uitzendbureau K-Tempoline carries out the whole temporary staffing chain in-house. As a result, we are 100% guaranteed for competitive rates and fast and flexible deployment from a large pool of employees and we offer the highest delivery reliability and continuity.


Every day we work hard on our mission and that is to be the best temporary employment agency and to continue to distinguish ourselves positively for our customers.

We believe it is important to build up a sustainable relationship with you -our customer- and work together to make your business more productive by supplying the best temporary workers. We strive that working with Uitzendbureau K-Tempoline is a positive experience and that ourcustomers can fully focus on their own mission in their own competitive market and can successfully do business.

Social Awareness

K-tempoline wants motivated and satisfied employees, who feel at home in NL and enjoy going to work. For this, we invest in our temporary workers by informing them well in Poland about living and working in the Netherlands. Temporary employees are also instructed in advance, depending on the type of work and wishes of the customer, before they are put to work, where safety on the work floor is a priority for us.

With our temporary employees we want to build up a sustainable relationship, just like our customers. NL is a different country and a lot is new for our employees and that is why we attach great value to guiding our temporary workers both privately and in the work environment.

We also provide decent housing for our temporary employees and arrange transport to and from work. Naturally, we always pay our temporary employees on time and the terms and conditions of employment and salary are always at least in accordance with the collective agreement of the sector or in line with the market.